Zul Trend – A general overview of Sudanese events – Wednesday April 24, 2024

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*A general overview of Sudanese events*

*Wednesday April 24, 2024*

*✍️Prepared and followed by: Muhammad Qiyamah*

🔴The state of the island, the village of “Kamer al-Ja'alin”, in the south of the island, yesterday Tuesday, the militia attacked the village, and the victims of the attack were four people and five wounded.

🔴 An attack on the village of Dalmahidi, Masid al-Sharif Abdullah and Dalabid, killing his daughter and injuring four of his sons, and they were transferred to Al-Faw Hospital.

🔴 Mahamid leaders, we do not allow anyone to speak on behalf of the tribe, and Musa Hilal's speech does not represent us.

🔴Violent fighting today, Wednesday, in the western axis of Sennar between the army and the militia..

🔴The Rifaa Resistance reveals that 12 people were injured following the aerial bombardment on the city on Monday

🔴Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath offices resume work after a shutdown of more than 20 days.

🔴 Intensive security deployment on the streets of Shendi City coinciding with the march incident.

🔴Continuation of the child polio vaccination campaign in Port Sudan..

🔴More than 500 cases of tuberculosis recorded in Central Darfur

🔴Obituary of Yam…..

He continues to wander the streets of Madani

You will be surprised by its speed on the streets of Madani

(Ala al-Din al-Nadhir) is a character whose simplicity is obvious. He won the love of the people of Madani.

He is considered one of the outstanding personalities of the city of Madani, a great loss. He was a simple personality who was not recognized by the rubble of this world. He gave it up and never looked at it for the good. God and watched him here. On behalf of me and everyone who knew him, we extend our condolences to you and him. May God accept it well. Our sincere condolences to his family in the Mayo district – *He died yesterday in Halfa.

🪪 Sudanese Personality 🔰:

I came to find the door of love open

And I entered…

And drinking water, poor thing

He missed me…


Al-Jabri was born in 1934 in the town of Al-Sharafa Barakat in Al-Jazeera State, a locality east of Al-Jazeera, near the town of Wad Madani in Sudan. His original name is Ahmed Muhammad Abdullah Karamno. He moved to Omdurman with his mother, Fatima Al-Jabri, when she separated from his father. Al-Jabri studied in isolation in his hometown, on the balcony, where he memorized the Quran. He was famous for the beauty of his voice, as he participated in religious songs and praises. Otherwise, he received no formal school education.

He began his professional life as a simple vegetable seller at the Wad Madani market before working as an artisan making rosaries and ceramics in the Arab district of Omdurman. Al-Jabri loved to draw…

His artistic career began in the early 1950s when the Sudanese poet Abdul Rahman Al-Rih sought to help him enter Sudanese radio and present his works to the public through it. Al-Rih composed several poems to perform before the radio singing voice approval committee. The committee refused to accept his voice as a singer on the radio, but with the encouragement of the poet Al-Rih, he tried again three times until he managed to be accepted as an artist capable of recording his songs on the radio in 1959., he learned to play the oud from the artist Ali Ibrahim. Al-Jabri used his mother's last name as his artistic name. He was influenced by the artist Ramadan Hassan and rehearsed his songs a lot.

His first appearance was in 1957 in a radio program on the Sudanese Omdurman Radio, the program “Shakl and Colors”, presented by Ahmed Al-Zubair and in which he welcomed new promising singers and artists. Al-Jabri sang in the program a song about the beach of love, written by Azmi Abdel Qader.

Poets he dealt with

Al-Jabri dealt with a number of prominent Sudanese poets who provided him with lyrical poems popular in Sudan. Among these poets are:

Saif Al-Din Al-Desouki in a song without messages

Al-Sadiq Elias, in a song from Al-Habib Jat Agharbah Messages, a song he won in a televised competition in 1963 and came in second place.

Al-Sir Qaddour, song “Ya Naas” and “Aghneya”.

And the letters of the poet Saif Al-Din Al-Desouki

Muhammad Ali Abu Qatati, On the Path to Tribulation

Abu Amna Hamed, poem “We have not forgotten you”

Ishaq Al-Halnaqi, in the poem Bloom

Kamel Abdel Maged, the song “Sayed Al-Asm”.

His death

Ahmed Al-Jabri died in Omdurman in 1996

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