Zul Trend – General coverage of developments in Sudanese events: Monday April 22, 2024

Four people, including two children, were killed following artillery and air strikes in Al-Obeid.

🔴Militia forces under army control in El Obeid, with weapons and all-terrain vehicles heading west from El Obeid.

🔴Bank of Khartoum branches in El Obeid announce changes to delay working hours following recent clashes.

🔴The glasses of Beni Amer, in eastern Sudan, insist on issuing an official statement apologizing for the insults, and brazen condemnations are spreading on social media.

🔴Continued killings, injuries and violations carried out by militias in the villages of Al-Hasahisa and Al-Talha.

🔴Minawi militia plans to establish state in western Sudan under cover of silent recognition

🔴482 million US dollars, the value of gold exported by the Sudanese Resources Company.

🔴The governor of the northern state, Abdeen Al-Awad, has issued orders prohibiting transport buses from transporting any passengers without identification documents to the state…

🔴One person was killed in an attack launched yesterday by militias against the village of Tnoub on the island.

🪪Sudanese personality:

Reader: Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun

Sheikh Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun was born in the village of Al-Habika Akoud, west of the city of Rifa'a, in 1925 AD.

He studied in the retreat of Wad Abu Saleh to teach and memorize the Holy Quran when he was five years old.

After memorizing the Holy Quran in the privacy of Sheikh Wad Abu Saleh, he joined the Madani Religious Secondary Institute and then began teaching the Holy Quran and its sciences in primary schools.

After completing his studies, he worked as a professor of the Holy Quran at the Islamic University of Omdurman. He was sent as representative and ambassador to many countries (Indonesia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Egypt and Malaysia).

– May God have mercy on him, he had a close relationship with the learned professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb, and the program (Studies of the Holy Quran) is considered one of the most famous programs that brought them together, and this program is one of his most famous achievements. It continued for 11 consecutive years and is considered one of the most listened to programs in Sudan and abroad.

– Before his death, Sheikh Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun had a vision of Surah Al-Nasr in his dream, and when he woke up from his dream, he called his daughter and asked her to bring him the interpreter dreams of Ibn Sirin that he found. an explanation of the vision that whoever reads Surah Al-Nasr in his dream, God will die seven days after this vision, and this Surah mourns the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.

When Sheikh Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun learned of the vision, he bid farewell to his family and friends, led by Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Imam and Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Hamed, and invited them to attend his funeral and pray for him a week later. Following this vision, Sheikh Siddiq Ahmed Hamdoun died at the mercy of his master on November 24, 1985 AD.

May God have mercy on him and may God admit him into gardens as vast as the heavens and the earth.

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