Zul Trend – General coverage of developments in Sudanese events – Sunday April 21, 2024

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General coverage of developments in Sudanese events

Sunday April 21, 2024

Prepared and monitored by: Muhammad Qiyamah

🔴Today, since 4 a.m., the town of El Obeid in North Kordofan has witnessed violent clashes between the Haganah army and militias en route to Omdurman, carrying supplies of various heavy weapons, and the army managed to receive them. .

🔴The fighting continues in the axis of the Al-Jili area, north of Bahri, and the army and armed movements are progressing.

🔴In the east of the island, a citizen was killed in the village of Al-Bayda during an attack launched by the militia against the village.

🔴Tensions in eastern Sudan due to statements by the former director of the security service in Kassala regarding the conduct of an interview on national radio.

The radio director is proud…

Al-Burhan receives from his deputy Malik Agar a plan to form a government and reduce ministries.

🔴The launch of the measles vaccination campaign in Sinnar..

The Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Al-Hadi Idris, accuses intelligence services of being involved in an attack on its forces.

🔴Planes bombed sites in Kabkabiya last night, Saturday

🔴Four airstrikes in Medina against militia sites in several neighborhoods, including Medina and Banat.

Personality (Sudanese):

The light of the eyes, you are the hope…

What are we missing in work?…

Artist/Taj Mustafa

His name is Muhammad Taj Al-Awliya Mustafa Al-Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Bashir in a village called (Umm Marhi) in Sudan in 1931 AD. His father is Taj Al-Awliya Mustafa, one of the sheikhs of the Samani order. , and his mother is Hanana Mustafa Al-Sheikh, a cousin of Al-Taj Mustafa.

Al-Taj Mustafa grew up in the Al-Masalma neighborhood of Omdurman in a singing artistic environment that included Karoma, Sorour, Ali Al-Shaiqi, Al-Amin Burhan, Muhammad Al-Amin Badi, Aisha Al-Falatiyya and Umm Al – Hassan Al-Shaiqiyya.

Al-Taj Mustafa has a recording of 145 songs from 1947 to 1968, namely:

Blessed and patient, inspiring, oh breeze, please, the joy of my life, a journey on the Nile, Melit, the morning retort, eloquence and beauty, I am tormented by beauty.

Among the poets with whom he dealt:

Muhammad Bashir Ateeq, Awad Fadlallah, Ismail Hassan, Ali Mahmoud Al-Tanqari.

In 1958 AD, Al-Taj Mustafa won the prize for the most beautiful Sudanese song in the competition organized by Sudanese radio, in which he participated with the song (Get up, O Salma) by the poet Saif Al-Din Al- Desouki. The first song he recorded on the radio was the song (Please, O Breeze, Go to Laha) in 1946 AD.

After graduating from the Omdurman Scientific Institute, Al-Taj Mustafa worked in several different professions. He first worked in the Warehouses and Supplies Department of the Government of Sudan in the manufacturing of shoes and leather bags, then he practiced carpentry and later moved into carpentry. the building and construction profession, where he participated in the construction works of a number of triangular architectural monuments of the capital, such as the building of the Omdurman Teachers’ College and the Khartoum International Airport. He also worked in other professions such as clock repair and construction. marble doors and carved tombstones.

Al-Taj Mustafa died at the mercy of his master in 2003 AD, when he was seventy-two years old.

He has mercy and forgiveness.

🔰My hopes for the beautiful world…

🔰My many dreams come true…

🔰Is there a connection, my soul?

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